Mobile phone tracking network based

With GSM mobile phone tracking system, or GSM localization - to put it In network based mobile phone tracking, the service providers.
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Pros : A non-intrusive method which means you don't require to tamper with the said handset.

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Cons : You will have to take the help of service provider, and to make sure that the service provider co-operates you will have to contact the law enforcement agencies. Handset-based Method. In the handset-based technique, the location of the handset is determined on the basis of cell identification and by computing the strength of the signals coming from cell phone towers and other cell phones in the neighborhood.

The calculations are sent to the location server for precise information about the user's location. If the handset is equipped with GPS, it is possible to determine its location using the latitudinal and longitudinal demarcation. Pros : Your best bet if you intend to monitor the whereabouts of your children or family members.

Cons : This technology requires the installation of a client software on the mobile phone, which acts as its biggest drawback, since it is difficult to do this without the user's consent. At the same time, the software has to be compatible with various operating systems. And lastly, the technique works only on smartphones, which is again a major drawback of this system.

Hybrid Method. A combination of various techniques used in network-based and handset-based methods is used for phone tracking in the hybrid method of phone tracking. At this time we will discuss how to track a cell phone by using the Doppler effect , in other words we will make it easier to know the whereabouts of a person just by having information such as cell phone numbers.

Mobile phone tracking network based

Mobile Station or MS is a device used by the customer for making phone calls. This device consists of:. Doppler is a change in the frequency or wavelength of a wave source that is received by the observer. This is the Doppler effect formula which is not affected by wind:. Picture 3. Doppler effect illust ration. From the above picture, there are 3 persons: A , B and C. In this article, we are proposing a GSM radar using the Doppler effect, where the Doppler effect itself will be used to listen for the mobile phone uplink.

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There are some literature and references that mention about the Doppler effect being used to identify a signal if the Doppler effect is combined with the right filter processing according to the signal characteristic being transmitted. So, we are using a spectrum analyzer to figure out and find a solution for the signal anomaly. This is the setup we are using:. Picture 4. Picture 5.

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Signal anomaly as seen on spectrum analyzer. As you can see from the picture above, the signal generated by USRP N looks like a horn and the noise is quite high. The possible cause for that anomaly is USRP N clock is not accurate, and the solution for that is by adding a filter, so the final result will be a correct GSM modulation like this picture:.

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