Android i spy tank

Buy i-Spy Tank App-Controlled WiFi Spy Tank Move Motion Video Camera for iPad Rc Car with mp Hd Camera (White)wifi Controlled By Iphone Android.
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Many useful products have gone on sale this past weekend , including tablets, phones, chargers, batteries, earbuds, speakers, and more or less anything you could possibly want to pair with a mobile handset. But we've had enough of useful - now it's time for cool. Brookstone's Rover 2. Update: Amazon's price has changed to match Brookstone's. The tank has a built-in wide-angle camera that you can use to take photos or channel video to your Android phone or tablet.

It can act as your eyes in inaccessible locations, including those where you're simply not wanted. That's what makes it a spy tank, after all. The Rover 2. If you do decide to jump in on this deal, be sure to grab the necessary companion app from the Play Store below. Rover 2. Weekend poll: Will you be getting a Pixel 4 or 4 XL? View Results. Discuss This Poll. Tip Us.

i-Spy Tank vs Cats - iPad2 - Android Sony Xperia Sola - TMART

Android Police. Hottest Hottest Latest Comments. Deals News. Download QR-Code. Developer: Brookstone Innovation.

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Android i spy tank

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android i spy tank

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Rover App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank Review and Giveaway

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